Hello world!

In 2005, I began another transformation. After leading businesses, and being under the continual pressure for “Better, cheaper, faster!’, I was looking for something more than just another development fad.

That is when I discovered neuroscience and its application to business.

Over the past 7 years, I have been learning about how to improve business, and our lives, through improving our brains. I have been a part of many stories as people achieved amazing results.

I want to start sharing my knowledge more widely.

For starters, I brainstormed with my family to come up with a list for the name of my blog. And then I checked in with my network to determine the top three. You can see the name chosen, but here were the top 3:

  • Master Mind
  • The Daily Brind – where your Brain and Mind come together
  • Head Forward

Looking forward to this journey with you!

About Me

Organizations are under ever increasing pressure: global economic impacts; competition from all across the world; disruptive technologies at a faster pace; ever increasing customer expectations; and massive, continual changes. Organizations must do more – be more – and do it faster than ever before. To survive, organizations must become ever more agile; more creative and innovative; more efficient and more effective. They must build the capability to continuously transform. At the heart of this transformative ability is a highly engaged and business-focused workforce led with fresh perspectives and bold action. It will also require creating teams – internal, suppliers, customers – that collaborate like never before.